Want to get out of debt so we can have a baby and a house! Or at least a home?

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      With more room.

      We just got married 2 months ago, but we waited a very long time to get married bc my husband wanted the big wedding. That’s right. Him, not me. $ 12,000 dollars later, we had a beautiful wedding but it flew by so fast so it made me regret spending that much even more, despite everybody saying it was the best wedding they’ve been to in a long time.

      I have credit card debt of 500 dollars and he has some debt on 2 credit cards that he is slowly paying off. We both have car loans. I owe 6 thousand on mine and it won’t be paid off until Sept 2013.

      Right after the wedding, I got laid off. It was a shock. I luckily got a new job a week later but it pays 200 less a month than my old job, so my current bills do not mesh well with my current job since their health insurance is through the roof. I decided to go with hsa (high deductible plan) bc at least I can make the payments somewhat smaller. (80 dollars a month for ins and then whatever extra gets put in savings acct). With regular ins it is 160 a month and I would have no wiggle room to save any money at all.

      My question is…how can we get out of debt and manage to save enough money to get a better living area (the neighborhood is not bad but not good either) and save up for medical expenses for pregnancy and other extra maternal costs? How long would this take us? I have a feeling we wonbe able to do this until sept 2013 which is not okay because we will be 30 by then and who know if I will still be fertile then?

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