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      I don’t think I will ever figure out this FICO scoring. *The week before last I got a SW alert that my credit score had gone up 7 points. *This was on the same day that a new collection showed up on my CR’s. *The alert said something about it might have changed because negative information is not harming me as much as it was before because it is older. *Then today I got another SW alert. *I was expecting one as I had paid down my Capital One secured card from a balance of $42 last month to a balance this month of $9. *I was totally floored when my credit score had gone down 7 points! *The alert said something about being moved from one category of credit users to another as time passed…instead of being in the category of consumers with new credit history to the category of consumers with a 2-5 year credit history and as a result my credit report is evaluated differently. *How can my credit score go up with a new collection and down with a reduction in utility? *I know one thing that is really hurting my credit scores from rising is high utility because several credit cards that I had previously have been charged off, but I think they are still counting towards my utilization, so my available revolving credit remains in heavy use, but this doesn’t make any sense to me.

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