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      I allowed a friend to open a Verizon Wireless account in my name so that they could get a discount that I receive through work.* I know – this was very stupid – hindsight is 20/20 so no need to point that out.* This friend of course let it go into collections last fall.* I moved in November, and did not receive notice from Verizon until just within the last month or two.* This is a valid debt, so I attemtped a PFD letter to them last week.* Today I received a phone call indicating a balance greater than what was on the notice*- by almost $100! – *(or what is showed in my credit report) – and that they would not delete the trade-line, only update to paid when I paid it.
      What should be my course of action here?* Should I keep sending them PFD letters?* If I pay it, will that improve my report at all?* At this point I have moved on to trying to work with other accounts that may be more receptive to a PFD/GW letter from me.* Any suggestions on how to proceed with this would be much appreciated.

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