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    I have a “Negative Account” on my EQ credit report. The account is with Verizon and the account comments say: “Account closed at consumers request, Collection account” This is not reporting as a collection, however after speaking with Verizon they simply state if paid all they can do is update the status to paid collection. Do they do their own collections and I won’t be able to get this removed? The account is only $123, and I moved and had issues with mail being forwarded to my address in another state. This is frustrating because I have their cellular service and pay my bill every month once the bill is generated. I paid this account on time as well. I just want it gone, but it does no good for me to pay if it will still effect my credit score. In summary, I’m just curious if paid or unpaid this is still considered a collection or if it would be more like a trade line with missed payments and which if either would be a better situation.

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