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      I applied for the USDA Rural Development loan last year. I got denied due to my negative accounts on my CR. Fine…so they listed the accounts I needed to take care of before re-applying. All 5 medical bills- 4 from same place, 1 other. Not a problem. I paid those and got them deleted from my report. But the more I thought about it the more I began to wonder. Those 5 things were only listed on 1 out of 3 of my CR’s. And on that report, I had about 4 other collections listed. Why didn’t they list those? I am so curious about this question. I just want to ask them. But since I applied, I have changed jobs and more than doubled my yearly salary, opened 2 new lines of credit, and PFD*the 5 accounts they listed. I am so ready to reappy again, but I am afraid of the other things on my credit report, which I am trying to wait-out since they are all falling off this year. Any ideas why those collections wouldn’t have been listed?

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