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      Well I just signed up with USAA and saw my Experian for the first time this year. Lo and behold there’s a hard inquiry from my new credit union account. I called and asked why it was there, and if I could get it recoded or removed; at first the lower level CSR I was discussing it with agreed and said that they’re supposed to do a soft pull. He elevated me to his supervisor who said nope, I agreed to the hard pull when I signed up, and that it was buried somewhere in the terms of service contract I was presented with. That’ll teach me to start reading those in detail again.
      So here’s my question; If I apply for their Visa card within the next week or two they said they have to do another hard pull. That’s going to be two from the same source in less than 30 days (so long as I do so before the 9th); will that group and show as one, like a mortgage or auto loan set of inquiries?

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