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    I am not sure how your school handles financial aid but if you can apply for financial aid then do so right now. You an independent, single mother so I imagine your income is low and this should help with how much financial aid you receive. I am a different major but in a similar situation. I get half my tuition paid for by grants through financial aid (meaning I never have to pay that money back) and then I got loans for the rest which were subsidized by the government. Which means they pay the interest while I am in school and I am locked in on a certain rate. So if I pay off the loans in full before I graduate or in my six months deferred time I only pay off the loan and ZERO interest.

    School loans are usually the easiest to get and they are pretty nice about the rates and paying it back. Try to get them through the government not through a private loan. Maybe someone who knows more about how to finance a nursing degree can help but I would think there are plenty of grants for you and subsidized loans. Visit the financial aid office of your school and see what your options are they should help you out since this is their job. Hopefully someone else also knows of scholarships/grants you can apply for. I would look around at fastweb.com they usually have information up on scholarships. I would think they have nursing programs where they actually pay for your entire education and you have to take out no loans at all. I don’;t know much about that though, sorry. Definitely find a school and talk to them about this. They will help you the most.

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    All new work done in 2 weeks and asking price is $200,000 more than purchase 2 weeks back.. LOL !! This craphole is so high in *mountains with flood, fire and all kinds of dangers including cayotes, mountain lions… Guess what there is no cell signal in this area too…

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