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    Ok, so I know Capitol One only allows two cards. Here is the question. I have two, and possibly three if HSBC goes the way of Cap One. I have one Platinum with a $1000 CL open for 4 years and one rewards with a $750 open 5 months.


    These are my lowest lines.* My scores are whats in the footer.


    My question is, would you loose the $750 now that my scores are decent and have a shot at a better card with Capitol One?* Ive read where folks have been getting thier Cap One Plats upgraded to venture. I assume I would not even be looked at because I have two.


    That being asked I have to take into consideration the HSBC BBRZ MC is my oldest account at 7 years and a $700 CL


    Any thoughts?


    Thanks for any comment

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