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      My wife and I purchased a home 2 years ago. *When the loan officer reviewed our credit scores he said there was a problem with hers and recommended we use just mine. *So we purchased the house on my credit and started trying to figure out what went wrong with her credit report. *We signed up for an electronic credit report (all 3 agencies) through our bank. *But when we filled out the paperwork the service turned her down because it said the information she gave them did not match her SS#. *So she contacted the agencies in question. *Transunion made her send copies of her SS card. *Then they said our address didn’t match their files so we had to send copies of our utility bills etc…. *In 2 years they still haven’t sent us a copy of her credit report. *None of the agencies agree that she is who she says she is. *We have pre paid legal and tried to sick the attorneys on them. *The attorneys (albeit they probably are paralegals at that) haven’t had any news for us in over a year. *We have contacted our bank and financial advisor. *No luck. *Does anyone have a good idea on another step we might be able to take to order a copy of her credit report? *
      Oh, by the way Equifax has been charging us $16.99/month for a report that we cannot receive. *They keep autodeducting from our checking account (which we requested) but they will *not provide a report. *WE have tried to cancel the service to no avail. *So I highly DON’T recommend those idiots as a credit report tracking service.

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