there are radiators in a home im buying?

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    i was told it used to have a oil steam boiler or furnace. but its un fixable.
    what type of heating system can i get now. I prefer the cheapest. Note i have no vents in the house, just radiators. The only thing in the house thats gas is the oven/stove.
    tell me what to get and how much it would cost with installation including.
    House is 1700 sqft
    About how much will i probably be spending

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    What you probably have is piping for a ‘single pipe steam system.
    Get it inspected. Also the oil tank and fuel lines.
    Also have the size of the gas line checked for capacity to run gas heating.
    If the pipe and radiators etc. are still good, the cheapest initial installation is
    a new low pressure steam boiler.
    Gas would be the fuel to choose if the incoming line will carry enough to feed
    the boiler you’ll need.
    (Cheaper than oil and likely to get more so.)
    You don’t give the size of the house or location to estimate the size/rating of
    the boiler you’ll need, but the scheme I’ve given you will be the cheapest initial installation.
    You’ll need a professional to estimate that and give you a cost and your options.
    Get several bids.
    It is not the most efficient system, but changing over to hydronic heat, (hot water radiators),
    would require a lot of new piping and cutting of the structure.

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    You might want to consider a gas/hot water heating system instead of steam heat. A hot water system would allow you to use smaller base board heaters instead of the large radiators and give you the flexibility to control temperatures in different rooms. Gas heat is definitely cheaper than oil and is likely to stay cheaper

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