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    How can the ultimate reward be sitting around for eternity! I am bored now, I don’t see what exactly i am going to do for forever! What will you do?

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    God declares that at His right hand are pleasures forevermore. I would think the One who created the mountains, oceans, forests, and the multitude of creatures in them much less the heavenly planets and innumerable stars can easily create a heaven where joy knows no end. His glory alone will suffice.

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    If you can acknowledge that there is a higher power and is is all knowing, all powerful and all seeing, then you’d also have to acknowledge that He will know what to do with you and you need not worry about that. What you do need to concentrate on is build your life now, in such a way that you will be rewarded in the next life, that is if you want to find all that out.

    Don’t worry about being bored or being occupied in the future. He’ll take care of you.

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    Who says we’ll spend eternity sitting around? I think God is more creative than that. Popular ideas of “heaven” are based on tradition and not much else.

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