The Journey Begins.. Many questions. Please Help!

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      As I continue the road to credit repair, I have already begun sending goodwill letters to get baddies of my record- for going at it 2 days I have had no success, but have sent out numerous letters, emails, and faxes… We will see where this gets me.
      But as I continue this process I have a few questions, I just downloaded and printed my credit report…
      Do I ask creditors to remove accounts that were closed in good standing? Will this help my score?
      What should my total accounts vs. open accounts, vs closed accounts be?
      TU 50, 13, 37
      EX 52, 13, 39
      EQ 30, 13, 17
      I have almost 20 accounts through CitiBank Student loans on my report that were sold/bought by other student loan companies, should I get them removed? Will this help my score?
      What are some other tried and true methods (besides letting time do its work) to get this score moving up in the right direction?
      Thank you for the help, I am grateful to have joined this site!

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