SW and a 33 pt. Increase…bad news?

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    I received a SW this morning and found out that my score increase 33 points. I was elated…And then I tried to figure out why. I pulled my Fico EQ report and found out the reason for the increase was a change in an existing account. I have a car loan with Ally financial that they reported 30 days late I feel in error and I have disputed it 3 times the last time was on June 15th. So now that my score increased by 33 pts they are reporting that: Rate/Status-Contact Member and the comment on the account is Consumer disputes this account information, Auto Loan. I have disputed many accounts in the past and I so not believe that my scores ever went up during a third dispute. When I disputed this same account earlier this year my Fico never increased or my account status never changed this way. Please help….

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