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      I just closed on my first home yesterday! I came back to this forum to pay my respects and to let everyone know that its possible for everyone to buy a home. I had terrible scores this time last year, one of them in the 400’s and now they are all over 700 and I closed on a 220k home in Arizona! There is a lot of good information, its a process in planning and I’ve learned to not rush things. My fiancee and I are 26 and are extremely happy to have our feet in the door! It was looking pretty grim, two years of back taxes, upside down DTI ruined credit but its all possible. The only baddies on my credit report are 4 30 day lates on an auto loan I paid off which I’m now going to make a stab at clearing up. I joined this forum in march but began paying my debts off in December, so from then to now it took nearly 1 year to wrap things up and accumulate the money to pay down my obligations to get my taxes and DTI in line. Don’t stop, don’t rush and keep trying! I obsessed over this forum and am so much more intelligent and credit minded. Thank you everyone who has helped me to achieve this!!!

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