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      First of all let me say that this board has kept my hopes up that getting a house is a possibility!! My husband is getting sick of listening to me so I will vent on here!*
      We are attempting to buy a house with a below 620 score, and all the waiting is driving me crazy!!! I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks for 2 of my reports to update to get my score above a 600 so that I can have my mortgage person pull them, and it seems like they are never going to update!!! I did a PFD and the original account was updated that NIGHT, but the collection agency was “waiting” for the payment to post which it did, but it still has not deleted the account! Then my credit cards I paid off reported last month on the 10th according to my reports, however this month they still haven’t reported!*
      I just want to know if this is even a possiblity, because if it isn’t we need a place to move by June 20th and finding a good rental home is hard in our price range! The house you can get right now for the money is SOOO much nicer than any of them! Plus my son is starting Kindergarten next year and I would really like for him to have a stable place to live and not change schools. As a teacher I see everyday the effects of kids moving from school to school, and they are not good!*
      Ok I will just hope tomorrow brings an update!

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