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      I opened 2 credit cards in Sept 2006 and Dec 2006 when I was living in MIchigan. In August 2007, I moved to Mississippi and I haven’t notified the credit card companies about moving ( I use online statements and payments so I didn’t face any problem then). I lost my Job in January 2008 and haven’t paid credit cards ( I have to use*all my savings to complete Grad school). They were charged off and went to collections. I*graduated in*April 2010 and got a job in Maryland*and I started rebuilding my credit by opening secured credit cards. I started cleaning my past mess and I am willing to pay all the past balances ( I can pay 100%) . Before waking up gaints, I want to know which states SOL applies here. Will it be MI or MS ( Do remember that I haven’t notified banks of my change in address)


      Thanks in Advence

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