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    So my apt caught fire this morning, the fire appears to have been contained to a nearby room but there is a lot of smoke and heat damage to my room. My question is the following, since I do not have renter’s insurance, how much would it cost to possibly have the following items checked over/cleaned:
    1) TV(LCD) – was closest to open door and probably received most of the smoke and heat, TV was plugged in but off.
    2) Xbox 360 – located on a shelf below the TV, only one side of the shelf is fully exposed
    3) Playstation 2 – located on a lower shelf than the Xbox 360 (maybe an inch off the floor)
    4) Computer – If i remember correctly the computer was possibly still on at the time of the fire (so id assume it had power to it until the power was flipped off) and an external HDD

    At the least would it be possibly to get the computer and the external HDD cleaned up enough to say just grab data off it and then junk it?

    I am most worried about the computer, since I have some data on there that would be nice to retain.

    Thank you for all your help

    (also no one was home at the time of the fire so no injuries thankfully)

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