Should I use carpet or tile?

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    We are buying a house built in 1950. The bedrooms and living room have wood floors. Everything else, including the family room is ugly, worn, linoleum. I’m hoping to replace it all with tile. What about the family room though? It just seems weird not to have carpet anywhere in the house. The room has fireplace and hearth that goes the whole width of the room. It seems like it would be more cozy with carpet and would be better for our baby to have a room with carpet for her to play on. I’m thinking about resale value though. So should I put in carpet or tile? What would you want if you were buying a refurbished home?
    The family room is linoleum. I will for sure leave the hardwood in all the other rooms. I just want to know if I should put carpet or tile in the family room.
    I live in the cold and wet northwest.

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