Should i double major?

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    I am a sports management major currently.. I need 1 more year left to graduate..with a minor in Businesss..

    I was thinking whats the point in minoring when I can double major?

    I was thinking having both SPORTS MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING bachellors degrees..

    what do you guys think?

    I owe 12,000 right after I graduate with a Sports management and business minor,

    but if I want to double major i would have to wait.. 2 more extra years after the next and…probably owe about 20,000 in loans .

    Sports management and Accounting= 3 extra years + 20,000loan debt

    or Sports management and Business minor= 1.5 years+ 11,500 loan debt

    I know if I double I am for sure will gain a job…. and would be able to pay it back…

    If I have only sports management with business degree I am worried If i will be able to make enought money

    Accouting- MONEY sports management- I LOVE SPORTS


    what should i do?
    do I stay in school much longer? OR finally get out of college?
    that is a good point.. maybe I should just..graduate next summer.. than apply for my masters in accountant..better to save my money for something better?

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