should i buy home heating oil now or wait until in the summer?

Tips and Deals Forums Buying Your Home should i buy home heating oil now or wait until in the summer?

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    i’m almost out of oil and i want to buy more. right now where i live it’s currently 1.85 for 150 gallons. should i wait til summer to buy because the price may drop or should i just buy now?

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    The price per barrel of oil is rising again. Fuel oil will rise also. Us and foreign markets are reducing oil production. It is my guess the price will increase over the summer. Call your area suppliers and get their input on where they believe the cost will be 4-5 months from now.

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    It’s anyone’s guess what the price will be in the summer. I’d buy now just to keep water from condensing in your enpty oil tank.

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    wait till summer because of the less need in summer

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    You would have to read the contract carefully to be sure. If you know you only want one month, make sure that’s what is reflected on the contract.

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    You need to talk to management before you sign anything. You will be jointly responsible for your apartment so that if the other person moves, you can be responsible for the entire apartment. Be very careful if you don’t know the person involved. It’s hard enough when you do know them. Call management and ask them all the questions you are asking here and how much is the increase. Sometime the rent takes a large jump if another year lease isn’t signed. You need to find out all the facts and read everything before you sign. Anything you don’t understand thoroughly, get the facts.

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