Short sale with no foreclosure or late payments?

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    Can you do a short sale on your home if you are not behind on mortgage payments?? I want to sell my house but I am current on my loan, can I do this?I dont care what I get for it as long as I sell it, I know I will be tax exempt for the difference(new laws allow exemption up to $ 500,000 I believe?) I want to sell it so I can buy another house.Thanks!
    Well approx. $ 185 thou is owed and similar ones are going for $ 140 or much less.(its a condo, and the other condos are 2bds mine is 1bd, same sq.ft though) I will put it on the market if I have to so I can prove that It wont sell for what its worth. In this past 1 1/2 I have had it on and off the market as well, with no offers.

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