Sherman Financial says they will delete judgement

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    I need some advice.* I have been working on my credit for the past few months and have had great success.* I am trying to get approved for a mortgage.*I am dealing with the last couple of things on my credit reports and Im not exactly sure what to do.*


    I have a judgement on my reports and the CA that ownes the account is Sherman Financial. Amount is $629.*It an old judgement, will be off my reports in about a year and a half.* I spoke with them and they told me they would settle for $390 and that they would delete the judgement from my credit reports – I didnt even ask them too.* Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this – obvousley I dont think I should just take their word for it.*


    Also, I have a collection account that I paid directly to the OC and they said they would tell CA to delete but CA says they cant delete??* Any advice



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