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      My wife settled an account with Dell Financial Services a few years ago.* It reports on her credit reports as a charge off, and in the notations says “Charge Off, Settlement accepted for less than full balance” or something like that.* They actually*revise the language every couple months, which I find odd.* In any event, we just received a letter from them that they recalculated some fees and decided that she owed more and are reporting it to the IRS.* Is there a problem with this?* Seems that if we already settled this account, they shouldn’t be allowed to come back and say we*owe more.* I’d think that would somehow violate the terms of the settlement agreement.* Unfortunately, I doubt she still has a copy of the written agreement with Dell.
      The other thing I am wondering is whether this is actually an opportunity.* I*always wished that she had known about PFD when she settled the account, so I wonder if this might be an opening to offer to pay the fees in exchange for deletion of the account.* So I wonder if we would be able to write a letter to them that we contest any liability to them for additional fees, and that their assertion that we owe additional money for this account is in violation of the settlement agreement.* That they should take whatever steps necessary to correct any reporting to the IRS.* But that we will offer to pay the fees in exchange for deletion from her credit reports.
      The other thing this raises is whether they can correct things with IRS.* I’m suspecting I may see some replies that say I need to talk to a tax advisor and/or attorney.

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