Selling a house with one of the owners deceased?

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      I have a friend that owns a house that has her name, her brothers name and her deceased mother’s name on the deed. The house is paid for and my friend has been paying the taxes on the house for the past 2 years since the mother’s death. She and her brother tried to sell the house recently and after a title check was run, found out that the mother had a will leaving her 3rd to 2 of her sons. She was not aware that this will existed and after reviewing the will, she says that the signature is not her mother’s and it was handwritten and notarized in the state where the 2 sons live, not where she lived. She wants to know what to do next. All responses will be appreciated.
      I dont know how the deed is worded. The reason why the house didnt go into probate after the mom’s death was because they didnt think there would be an issue with selling. She wanted the house to be available for any family member who might need a place to stay….the house is worth less than 20k. Also, the aunt was named the executor of the estate. She doesnt have a problem with splitting the proceeds with the other siblings as long as they reimburse her for the taxes she has paid. She cant afford an attorney, she doesnt want to spend what little money she may profit from the sale on an attorney.

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