Seller destroying property after close of Escrow?

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      Hi –
      We have agreed on the purchase agreement to take possession of the house 2 days after close of Escrow. We are paying only 2 thousand dollars less than the asking price. Since it is a new house the seller denied providing the one year insurance as the property is a recent construction (2 year old); we agreed on that in the agreement. Now, the seller seems to be angry at us for the price we are paying him for the house, but he doesn’t have a choice but to sell the house.
      Now our fear is that:

      • What if the seller damages the property in the 2 days after the escrow is closed and before they move out?
      • In your experience have you seen this happening?
      • Is there anything that can be done to avoid that? Maybe send a notice to the seller?
      • What can be done if the property is destroyed – can we go after the seller through lawyer?
      • Can we request for change in contract now to take the possession of the house on day of close of escrow?

      Appreciate your advice.


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