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      Okay, so, I’m technically still in high school (right now is the end of my Junior year) but my school has a dual credit program, so I’m also enrolled in a local community college. Last summer I took Psych 2301, and this year I took English 1301 and 1302. These classes also counted as high school Psych and English 4 (dual credit). This summer, I’m planning on taking Government and Economics at said college for dual credit, as well as in the fall, I plan on signing up for Bowling and Anatomy & Physiology dual credit. However, in addition to these, I’m trying to get approval to take ENGL 2307 (Creative writing) and PHIL 2303 (Logic) as college credit only classes, as my district doesn’t accept these for high school credit. Between the four, it’s going to cost upwards of $ 400, as well as similar pricing of classes in the spring. I hadn’t thought it was so bad, but when I told my mom she started freaking out.
      I’m (currently) Valedictorian of my class of 560 (again, only a Junior, not locked in) and my GPAs are 3.98/5.28 unweighted/weighted. My most recent SAT scores came out 2040 (trying to improve that some) and I’m in the running for a National Merit Scholarship, but that won’t kick in until I get to the college I plan on attending after high school. If it’s of any relevance, I’m Asian and live in Houston, TX.
      I wanted to know if there were any scholarships that I could get for the classes I plan to take so my mom would relax and just let me take what I want. It doesn’t need to be the full thing. It would be nice, but anything to lower the price to something my mom could handle would be great. Though, I’m also concerned if taking scholarships/grants right now would negatively affect my chances/abilities of getting scholarships when I attend college full time.

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