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    Giving this a try… These are the only late payments in my past 2 years of credit history… Hopefully they’ll have a heart. It is the holiday season.


    Sent today:



    I am writing to request a gesture of goodwill regarding two late payments reported on my credit report. In April and May 2011, the loan was reported as being 90 days past due.

    I attended school during the Spring 2010 semester (which is what the loan was issued for.) The semester ended in June 2010, and I did not attend classes Fall 2010 semester due to financial difficulties (I needed to work more and did not have time to attend classes.) Since I was not enrolled in school for six consecutive months, my loan entered repayment status. I did not receive notice of this change in the mail, and I was not aware of the need to repay until I received phone calls from Sallie Mae’s collection department. I caught up the past due balances in May and June 2011 and maintained on-time monthly payments from June through October 2011. I am currently enrolled in school full-time, and the loan is now deferred due to my enrollment status.

    I was unaware of the change; I made an honest mistake and corrected it. I also made my monthly payments while attending school (August to October 2011) before the deferment paperwork was provided to Sallie Mae by my school. The two derogatory marks from April and May are hurting my recent credit, which I am trying so hard to rebuild. Is there any possibility for forgiveness on those two items? I would appreciate the kind gesture of adjusting the trade line to remove the delinquencies.

    Best Regards,

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