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    So I sent RJM a PFD offer of $75 on a $120 debt about two weeks ago. *Today, I receive a green notice telling me they accept my settlement offer of $75 with instructions on how to pay. *There was no mention anywhere of deleting from my credit, or even acknowledging that I had asked for that. *It was just their form settlement letter.
    So I picked up the phone and dialed the number listed. *The woman comes on the phone and I explained to her that my settlement offer was only valid if the deletion was in writing. *She comes back and tells me that the deletion was not in the notice because they are not reporting on my credit. *So I’m thinking, “maybe they deleted already recently?” *I told her that I had a subscription for unlimited access to my credit reports and would check. *She put me on hold for about 5 minutes.
    While waiting, I went to USAA and pulled my current report, which of course has RJM reporting to 2 of the CRAs. *When she came back, I told her what I saw. *After a moment, she says there will be a new letter with deletion language in the mail tomorrow. *Clearly, they just tried to lie to me in order to get me to pay while continuing to report on my credit. *Hopefully I will have the real letter soon, and knock off another baddie!

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