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      So a few questions for you breeders, I have been curious to know.
      1. When selling your puppies do you sell them under spay/neuter contract?
      I ask this because what about people who are first time repudable breeders but obviously they need a dog to start the breeding with. Also if you know the people who you are giving your puppies to and say they are reputable like you, do you require a spay.neuter contract with them? How about the people who want a healthy family dog from a repudable breeder? Do you have a spay/neuter contract with them?
      Pleas detail your answer, basically if they are breeders they don’t need a spay/neuter contract and if they are just “owners” and just want a pet, not a show dog do you have an agreement to spay neuter?

      2. I know you guys are responsible with making sure your puppies go to great homes, and if it doesnt work out, you gladly accept them back.
      Now lets just think, say if the puppy you sold was 9 years ago, the owners lost your phone number, they are moving to a new house/town and can’t take the dog? Do you ever think one of your dogs offsprings has ever ended up in the shelter? I am saying with all the constant check ups on the puppies, but if 9 years goes by and the peoples least worries is the dog, they move away and leave the dog with another family member or give it to the shelter.

      Please detail your answer
      For the first person who answered I have 3 rescue dogs, one frm the shelter, one from an abusive home, and the other from the streets, this is just a question.

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