Realistically what is the time frame to improve your credit score?

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      What is a time frame in which a person could realistically raise their credit score from the mid 500’s, to that of at least 600, 650 or above?

      In my younger years I made poor financial choices, some within my control, some without (I cared for a terminally ill parent and didn’t pay some of my own bills so they could have medicine, a choice that while in the end it really hurt me credit and financial wise, but overall I dont regret doing it, I maybe got extra time with my dad I may not have, if I didn’t help him).

      Now, I’m basically debt free, everything I ever owed in collections is paid off, and all my current bills are up to date or paid ahead. I paid off a couple every month on the small ones, then made payments on the bigger ones until everything was paid. It took me about 4 years to pay everything off.

      The problem is, is that I don’t overall have a lot of “revolving” credit. I have 1 major credit card that I don’t carry a balance on (or only use if I really need to) and a car loan (which I pay extra on every month aside from the initial payment, sometimes I make 2 payments and the 2nd payment just goes to the principle). I still have 2 years left on my car loan, but I’m slated to pay it off about 6 months early. I don’t even have student loans, I self paid for school.

      I’ve learned basically not to live above my means, but I still want to and need to improve my score.

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