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    I’ve found out that my oldest credit card account is with capital one. It’s been about three years. I’ve had 30 day late payments about a few times. Good news is that past 15 months I had an excellent standing on capital one account. Making payments on time and PIF.*
    Now my question is that should i go ahead and cancel the account since i have pretty bad start on this account? or keep it open and keep it in good standing?
    The other thing to consider about is that my CR has been the same past 3 years. (I don’t blame capital one). It’s been 200 bux for three years and I have been doing very well only using less than 10% of the limit on two of my credit cards. *
    Any suggestion what you would do if you were in my shoes?
    Thanks guys.

    P.S. This webiste has been so helpful. Past six hours (pulled an all nighter) I’ve been reading this website. :smileyhappy:*

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