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      I am about to buy my very first home! My mom said that before I make an offer I should check with VDOT (virginia department of transportation) to make sure that the road in front of the house isn’t going to be widened (it is one of the major roads in the area) but I don’t know where to find the info. I tried VDOT’s web page but didn’t see any plans on it, she said she heard it was going to happen in the future though. I have a friend who works for VDOT and he said he hasn’t heard anything about it- any ideas about where I can find out for sure? Also, she said to call the sheriff’s department and find out if it is a problem area and check on line to see if there are any registered sex offenders in the area. I plan on doing those things soon but I was curious if there are any other odd-ball things that I should look into, things that aren’t in the ‘first time buyers’ guides (which generally only talk about the financial side and buying process) I would appreciate your suggestions
      VDOT does road work in the area I think they are synonymous with the Highway Department, that’s why I went though them- sorry for got to explain that

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