Question about liability of a landlord and a tenant that babysits or runs somewhat of a home daycare

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      I have been giving a lot of thought into watching kids from my home (which is rented). I am thinking of watching two of my best friends kids (one which will be starting Pre K next year) and maybe two other kids. So four in total, but I am only looking at doing this for about a year and if it works out then actually starting a real daycare. I know there are regulations in each state and I am currently reading up on this. It looks like in the state of Florida you have to be registered and have to take a 30 hour course, and if you just want to run a small at home daycare you do not have to do too much. So my concern at this point is how to ask my landlord if he will allow this. I would assume there is some type of insurance that I could purchase and pay for to cover if something were to happen at the house… Would that be needed?? He as a landlord is already responsible if something happens on his property… right? I know some insurance company’s may exclude if it happened in ..
      a daycare setting (if something happened to a child etc…. ) I have read that some insurance policies require that you purchase a different type of insurance if running a daycare?? But even with that… does it count if you are only watching 4 kids??? What if I just had four kids of my own…. I know this is probably all jumbled but any suggestions or knowledge on this would be helpful. I would just like to approach him while knowing a little about what requirements have to be met as far as liability. Thanks in advance.
      Just to respond to some of the comments. In no way am I trying to be sneaky or do anythign illegal. I believe I mentioned that I would be talking to my landlord about this. Also, I understand how important it is to make sure everything is done properly and that is exactly why I am here to start of with some guidance. As I stated above, I just wanted some information before talking to my landlord. Also, I work from home as it is now… and he knows that I make my money while working from home and is completely ok with it. My lease does not say that I can’t run a business… even still of course I would not start a daycare without his willingness to let me.

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