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      I was in an accident, i was driving my fathers car. he has insurance however only liability. Anyways it was at a 4way stop. I stopped, then proceeded to go and the car on my left didnt stop and hit me. I was able to get the guys info but then he took off before the Police came and then an ambulance took me to a hospital. The police later went to the guy who hit me house. he admitted to being on the cell phone and that it was his dads car and not his. anyways. I recently got a lawyer, at first the lawyer was very optimistic about the case. He I was the victim but he would represent the car for my father. So its been almost a month, and Ive been going to therapy. The stupid insurance company for the other guy said instead of repairing the car, they would buy it from us for…$ 290!!! what the hell is that??? the repair is gonna be 10 times that.They said they choose to buy out instead of repair…where the hell can you buy a car for under $ 300???? I know its an older car, 1994 honda accord sedan, but still, I cant believe were getting screwed like that. The lawyer seems to be content with that. That car was my transportation and now I have to have my father take me back and forth to work. how is it Im the one whos suffering if I didnt do anything wrong? I feel bad for my father, hes put good money into that car just for was running perfectly and never gave me any problems and although he doesnt have receipts to back that up, it just isnt right. I feel bad that Im going to therapy and hes the one who has to deal with the lawyer about the car. what should I do, should i get a new lawyer? help please

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