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      mary summers

      Family members*are looking to buy a first home in the Princeton, NJ area.**They are looking at homes priced approximately*between 1 – 1.75 million.* I have suggested that they speak with their realtor to get a*reduction in*the commission.* They do not know if commission reductions are a regular thing in that area and don’t know how to go about getting the information.** It is not as if the realtor is likely to offer information other than the regular fee for her services is 3%.* They have been looking off and on for about six months or so, but the number of homes that have suited their preferences have been very few, so the number of hours their agent has put in hasn’t been that great as yet.* Does anyone have information about what the customary commissions are in that price range in that part of the country?* I live in Seattle and would not hesitate to get a commission reduction for a sales price far less than that.* Yes, I know “the seller pays the commission”, but it gets factored into the price the “buyer” pays.* Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.* Thanks.

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