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    Hello all,
    I am currently a Power of Attorney for my mother*who is now*on Medicaid and in a Nursing Home.* Before she went into the nursing home, she was going to an adult daycare facility which we paid from her checking account. The daycare facility increased their hourly rate by double but we had no choice but to have her go until we could get her into a nursing home. Long story short, she (we)*fell behind on payment’s*to the daycare facility*due to lack of funds. After placing my mother into the nursing home, the daycare account was turned over to collection’s*and reported as such on my credit report* even after we were making monthly payments. I’m not trying to avoid paying the balance but this collections has really hurt my scores…I was also told by the collections company that their computer system would not allow them to delete this from my credit report because I was a POA? Do I have a good case on removing this? Or will it stick with me for 7+ years?

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