Plz read this and tell me ur first impression on this girl?

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      she was walking on the Gay street in New York City, wearing orange dress and a pilot prada sunglasses. She realized she forgot her cell phone at home. She wanted to call someone, but didn’t know anyones phone number by heart. so she kept on walking.

      it was getting hotter and hotter outside. the temperature kept on raising. she reached out for her wallet in her bag. it was there, but she had no cash inside. she had 5 credit cards. her driving licence and lots of other credit cards from fancy very expensive shops that she never actually could afford to shop.

      she knew that there is no use of her credit cards. all she wanted was a strawberry cone ice cream that she saw one guy selling on the opposite street. so she kept on walking.

      she wouldn’t stop . she just kept on walking in a fast pace and thinking about something..

      than she had the craziest idea. so she stoped, smiled and kept on walking.

      she stopped near the deutsch royal bank, walked in and withdraw a $ 1000.

      – “Hi, i would like to open up a new account at your bank, here is a $ 1000 for start.”
      – “Gladly ma’am. May i see your id. What kind of account are you interested in?”
      – ” Marketing… I would like to buy some stocks and options today. Can you do that for me?”
      – “Yes, ma’am.”
      – “What kind of stocks would you like? A put or a call option? What companies are you interested in?”
      – ” a 100 put options. and its Mathween’s LLC “
      – ” Great choise, great company”
      – ” Yes, my boyfriend owns it”
      – ” And you want to buy put options? do you expect the company’s value to go down?”
      – ” I sure do.” “Good Bye”

      She loved her boyfriend.
      Its just that she always knew he is not that good with finance.
      Besides, she was the main financial analyst for the company.
      she always worked from home, because her boyfriend didn’t like the idea of comming home late in the evening and not seeing her at home cooking dinner.
      he always underestimated her.

      She took a cab home. Fed her cat with chicken in gravy. Turned the mp3 player on with her favority cd by Pet Shop Boys. Sprayed herself with favorite MaxMara perfume. Closed the door and walked out.

      She was going to Sheraton hotel. She stayed there all evening, swimming in the pool and than all night waiting for the news from her boyfriend.

      She was sure that the next morning , when she will wake up , she will be a millionare.

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