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      So another weekend goes by and I took time out to look at a few open houses. In this day and age there is no excuse for amateurish agent behavior. None. So why do real estate sales people continue to make clueless comments and dumb statements or ask silly questions?


      A few I heard this weekend:


      • As I walk into the house, eyes not even adjusted yet to the dark interior and I hear “Good morning, are you here to look at the house”?
      • “In 2011 homes in the neighborhood have been snapped up within days of listing”. [Of course I knew that to be false since I follow the area on Redfin]. I said nothing.
      • “We already have 5 offers on this property”
      • Agent asks me “what am I looking for”, so I told her in detail [3000sf house, quiet street, etc.] and her reply was I have a new listing 4miles away and the condo has very low HOA fees. I reminded her I wanted that neighborhood and a house, not condo. Her reply was, “but you have to see this unit it feels better than a house”.

      I saw 9 homes over 2 days this weekend and I guess the heat had some of these agents a bit delirious.

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