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      Ok, I’m getting ready to pay ALL of my bad debt off this month. It is a total of about $15,000 — Some of this debt is stuff that I had previously settled for less than the owed amount, I am calling those creditors and paying them the remainder of what was not already paid . I know that some will say that this is a bad idea, as it will keep it on my credit report for longer, but at the same time I will have all accounts with the exception of 3 that are in good standing at a $0 balance. * I am looking for any advice that anyone may have for dealing with this situation. * It would be ideal if I could show that I did the right thing, even when I really didnt have to, considering that these will now stay on my report for another 7 years vs falling off when they would now… Want to minimize the punishment i get for doing the right thing!
      A second note is that I have one line for LVNV Lending, I have a few questions about this one because I don’t think these guys are playing fair:
      *- First off, they are not showing as a collection account, they are showing as a NEW account in 2011 for an origional loan that went in default in 2007, oddly enough, this new account is showing last activity in 2007 on my current reports (this has not always been the case) … They also are adding some kind of interest to the amount every month, which I had thought they could not do on something so old. * I would appreciate any input into those two items. * (They also have been calling and some of the rudest people I have ever talked to) … I know they got this loan for pennies on the dollar, and honestly they are the only ones that I feel dirty paying back, I would much rather pay back the origional loan holder but I don’t think thats possible at this point. *I honestly think they have violated a couple laws, I don’t have the paper work in front of me but will be more specific about my concerns in a bit.
      Thank you all!

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