Paying loan for 2 years and 4 years. Which one is good for building credit score?

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      I want to build my credit score, so i bought the care from dealer and make a loan $ 7,800. I am wondering that should I pay it for 4 years to build my credit score or I just need to pay enough for 2 years. I really want to get a score 720 up that is why I make a loan now and pay my pill on-time. My credit score is now 666. After I pay-off my loan, should I continued to loan another amount for just building credit score more later. Can anyone please help me any strategy to build credit 760+ up? I canceled my Bank of American and HSBC credit card ( with 5 years ) in 2010 to get new Capital one, because the security on HSBC is bad. I always got scammers that took my money on this card, so I canceled them. However, I realize now how stupid am I. I really do not know that credit report history is really important for me get loan since I get loan from this car. Because of all above reasons, I am trying to do at the beginning. My goal is having a house for next 5 years, so I want to ask everyone is if I pay bill on-time, use credit and pay full amount for each month, and make two more loan to build credit score more, can I reach to club credit score 760+. What else do I need to do later?. My cross income is around 55,000-65,000 a year. I am honestly asking experience form everyone, and I appreciate it.

      Thank you

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