Paying credit card to help credit score?

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    Ok, my boyfriend and I have a big disagreement on credit cards and how it helps your credit score.

    I’ve always thought that if you pay off your credit card every month (all of the balance), it will help your credit score. But my boyfriend seems to think differently. He likes to pay only a portion of his balance every month. He used to have things set up where at the end of the month through his Capital One online bill pay, it would automatically pay off $ 30 of the card regardless of what balance was on his credit card, which I can tell you his balance was always well over $ 30. True or false, paying only the minimum or just a portion every month will help build/increase your credit score and why? And if you do things like he does, what affects does that have? That is our debate. Please help and give any advice you have. Thanks!

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