paid collection???? might have made a mistake………

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      I was just wondering ..


      I had a collection showing up on my TU* and EX reports….It* shows included on my BK in 2005 …..on experian*** on TU it showed open with a drop off date of 12/2012….

      probalem is I pulled my TU and paid it without doind a PFD ( i know ….this is the mistake I made)


      I called and asked to delete and they said they could not remove it ……Do I need to GW the CA or the OC to try and get it removed from both reports early??


      I also need to know if by them updating the info on TU ,Will it change the drop off date and extend it to be longer….


      ONLINE INFORMATION SVCS *#117066000010****
      POB 1489
      WINTERVILLE, NC 28590(800) 765-5794Balance:$217Date Updated:03/08/2011Original Amount:$217Original Creditor:NEWNAN UTILITIES (Utilities)Past Due:> $217 Pay Status:>In CollectionDate Placed for Collection:*01/26/2006Remark:*>PLACED FOR COLLECTION

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