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      So I’m super happy at the moment. It’s the small victories that are getting me through on the way to my goal.
      I was going to sign up for another secured card with a small limit, so that I can have some revolving accounts (as I currently only have 1). I was going to do BOA’s next week, but then thought about trying Orchard’s secured card.
      Well, I hesitated trying for their unsecured Visa (since my other card is Mastercard) because I had been denied last year, and was approved – well initially. The online said approved, but when I checked the status it mentioned that I couldn’t be approved at this time. I called cust service to no avail (since the acct wasnt showing up since it had just been applied for). I called the back door number today and spoke with a really nice lady who told me that they were having issues verifying my identity since my last name changed, etc.
      Answered some basic identity questions and was officially approved!! Its only $300, but its unsecured! Hey, it’s a start.

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