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      Hi All,
      I’ve posted this before but thought I would ask again: *I had a Amex CO TL which after paying, was updated appropriately to “Paid”. *After, I was offered an Oasis cad which I gladly accepted in order to return to their good grace. *I now have a new TL on my CRs listing the the opening date as the original “Member Since” date and is reporting with “Paid as agreed” for the past ~1 1/2 months yay! *However, I still have the old PIF CO with Amex as well which of course, is a negative TL.
      Those of you with an Oasis: does Amex automagically remove the the old TL leaving only the current account, did you GW for deletion, or does it simply hang around like old luggage for the full 7 years?
      You guys are great … thanks in advance!
      ~Recovering in Seattle (despite the Seattle Freeze lol)

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