One account is showing up twice on my credit reports

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      Hello myFICO Forums, long time listener, first time caller.


      I was checking my credit scores today and I noticed that I have one credit card being reported twice on my credit reports. *I lost the card last fall and had to get a replacement, but both the original card and the replacement are listed on the credit report. *The problem is that my payment history from the lost card was transferred to my new card, so a late payment that occurred with the original card is being reported twice. *I began the online process of disputing this with TransUnion, but the online form doesn’t have a check box that describes my problem, which made me wonder whether this is just so rare that they don’t have a check box for it or if this actually IS a legitimate problem at all. *


      I know that an account can be reported by the OC and a CA the same time, but this isn’t that sort of situation. *Can the company do this? Is this something I should dispute? The card was issued by HSBC.



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