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      Occupy Wall Street
      I am one of the 99%.
      I really want to support the cause, but why can’t anyone seem to articulate WHY we should all support the cause?
      We should all support it because:

      When I complained to my manager of my apartment building 3 years ago that the water was brown (therefore no drinking water), the owner of the building who also owned 3 other apartment buildings would not be any less of a millionaire if they had paid for new plumbing for the building instead of saying that “it’s fine if you run it for a bit to let the brown flush out. It’s only rusty pipes”. At one time this rich woman could be called a slumlord, but because she smiles and skirts around the law, she’s just tight with money.

      The owner of my company would not be any less of a billionaire if he took a smaller cut this year and did not lay off 6 people the day before our Christmas party and 2 weeks before Christmas.

      My health insurance would not be significantly less profitable if they just agreed to pay for the prescription I was given by my doctor instead of declining just to save themselves $ 30.

      The cable company could possibly be more profitable if they charged less for standard cable or Pay Per View, and did not monopolize certain popular sport viewing to allow for more viewers and satisfied customers. And they might even benefit if they did not charge unreasonable rates when there is no other option in your area.

      My cell phone company told me that because I am amongst the top 5% users on my UNLIMITED PLAN (which should mean that I am one of their valued customers), they are going to make darn sure I pay more money by slowing down my cell phone speed until I pay more money for a higher plan which was working fine up until last week! It used to be that you were rewarded for giving business to someone!

      The bank told my unemployed husband that he needed a monthly paycheck coming in (automatically) to avoid paying fees – but never mind that he had a monthly income coming in from a personal account. That money didn’t matter. The banks have found a way to charge you for as much as possible. So lesson learned that someone NOT working is going to be paying FEES for not having a job on top of the struggle to exist on no income.

      And let’s not forget the most outrageous situation going on:
      Banks would rather put families out on the street homeless and let hundreds of thousands of houses sit empty, fall apart, get vandalized & lose value rather than help to figure out how to lower the payments to be more reasonable in family hardship and a downward economy.
      My rage was spurred on last night after hearing that 48% of American’s are below poverty level!
      Doesn’t that say that minimum wage is not enough?
      Doesn’t that say that 48% employers are not paying enough?
      And as a result;
      Doesn’t that say that the average rent / mortgage is too high?
      Doesn’t that say that it shouldn’t be that a person needs two jobs to support themselves, and possibly 3 jobs to support a family???
      Doesn’t that say that making insurance mandatory to pay for is insane when half of the claims are denied?? They are NOT going broke by paying out claims – they are only getting RICHER by denying them!
      Doesn’t that say that the wealthy 1% should pay their share of taxes instead of paying LESS?
      GREED has taken over the American society and everyone thinks that it’s ok because everyone else is doing it, and it’s a perpetual cycle because even if someone climbs their way up to the 1%, they feel that they can stay there if they keep up taking advantage of the weak & poor.

      No one has been standing up for themselves because we are always met with “that’s just the way it is.”
      I can’t go out and stand out on the street in the middle of the day or camp overnight for the cause because I have to keep my job, keep that paycheck coming in, and I have 4 mouths to feed on one income that I’m lucky to have.
      But I want to support, SOMEHOW, and all I can think of is to write this rant.
      What else can we do?
      I couldn’t agree with you more BoredXx – it’s one of biggest problems that the real issues are not being heard!

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