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    So I have no credit ,and someone I know (not going to say who) wanted to open up a credit card for me ,and I was not approved. Know I did not now this person had did this ,and I really wanted my first credit card to be approved cause I did not want my credit to be effected in any way. Im only 18 going on 19 soo… I know they wanted to surprise me ,but it would have been better if someone co-signed.

    Quetion: Does getting denied for a credit card when having no credit effect your credit in anyway,and will it effect me getting another one in the future when I actually have a co-siger.
    Will it come back to hunt me in the future.

    I know this is prob. a crazy question ,but I’m kind of nervous .I don’t want to stress my self out thinking I’m now in the record for being denied.
    Ok…I never said I wanted to apply for a card by myself. I said that this was done w/o me nowing ,and when I do apply I want to have a co-signer. I do pay attention to the news ,and I knew it was changed that is why I did not want to apply so soon.

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