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      My wife and I met with a Wells Fargo loan officer yesterday. There were a few surprises on my CR. We live in California (community property), and according to him, my wife*needs to pay off all her baddies before we can get a loan. She will not be on the loan, as I*am the sole provider. I have read else where that this is not necessary.*I have everything else (income, work history, down payment). We are trying to qualify for an FHA loan. Anyone know of a lender that does not require everything paid off?*My*Experian fico score is 578 and I need to be at 600. There is a*collection that I need to*investigate. I have*no idea what it is and it states that it’s a govt. debt in the amount of $7600.*There is also a charge off to Capital One and I will soon*be making*payments. *I know paying off her debt won’t improve my score, so I’m assuming it’s*to avoid a possible*judgment??**Any help would be appreciated :smileyhappy:

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