Need help with DH med bill, making Pymt but still send to CA

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    Here’s the problem, In Feb. this year my DH went to the hospital. March the med ins made there pymt and in April the hospital sent us a bill for the remaining balance. Since receiving that in may, June, July we have made btwn $10 and $15 pymt each of those months. At the Start of Aug we get a CA letter demanding full pymt, so for Aug (last month) I sent them a $10. Yesterday we receive a letter stating that they have been honest in attempting to contact us, via mail (no phone calls have been made to us). And that we have 10 days to respond and make full pymt. Here’s my questions,


    1. we’ve made pymt to the hospital each month an invoice was coming in, can they send it to a CA even it isn’t the full amount due?


    2. We made a pymt to last month to the CA, (yes the CA DID cash the ck) can they report it to the 3 CRA’s and put it on his CR’s even though pymt are being made?


    Do I send them a request for validity even though we know its his bill?


    I dont understand why the hospital still sent it to the CA even though we were making pymts. This letter we just got yesterday says we have 10 days to respond so please send me any and all help you can give me, were already dealing with another CA from calif and sending them a PFD.


    Thank you

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