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    Hello all,


    I could really use some advice on what steps to take to jump my score fast.


    I thought I was doing well, but lender pulls showed:


    Equifax – 587

    Experian* – 591

    Transunion – 600


    I need at least 620 on the middle score to qualify for FHA.

    I know what I should do based on the great info on these forums, but would like some advice on the order and which actions will give me the biggest boost the fastest.

    Here’s my info:


    Car loan: $1207 balance on $14,000 loan. Should be paid off in March/April. Two 30-day lates in the last two years – March 2010 and August 2011 (Can’t believe I did that!). I have a GW letter ready to go to Wells Fargo.


    Credit Cards:

    First Financial – $4764 balance on $5500 limit. On-time payment history. This is my longest line of credit – 12 years. They won’t raise the limit or lower the percentage rate (23.9%!!). I pay $199 a month towards this. About $99 of that is just interest.

    TD Bank (overdraft protection, but counts as credit line) – $379 balance on $500 limit. On-time payment history.

    NY and Co. – $0 balance on $250 limit. 150 day late in May 2008. Haven’t used the card since paying it off.*




    Midland Credit Management – $283 listed under “Closed Accounts” but this is actually a collection. DOFD – June 2007. This is not dropping off anytime soon. Last reported 11/2011.


    Springleaf/American General*- $1867 listed under “Closed Accounts”. This was paid a while ago and is listed as a charge-off. DOFD -*August 2008.


    Two medical collections*- One is $343, the other is $51. Neither is paid.



    I have two GW letters ready to go – one for Wells Fargo on the two lates and one for Springleaf/American General asking them to delete the TL.

    My question is what should my next steps be?

    1. PFD Midland and pay the full balance on TD Bank?

    2. HIPPA the med collections?

    3. Throw all my money at First Financial?


    In the next 30 days I can afford to do one, two or three but not all. Which will give me the most mileage? Or is there a better combo you would do?

    Thanks for everything you do!!!


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